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Trash Trophies

Those who know me, understand I have a funny sense of fun, as it was once said of Lawrence of Arabia, and that I am deeply driven by a keen and spirited industrious and purposeful passion for undertaking a good quest, crusade or peregrination.

Those who know me also know I am the master of menial mission conjuring.

Which brings me to this glorious gallery of trash trophies.

Day 1 of my creative workout enterprise: Each bottle represents a completed summit scaled to the top of Kalemegdan Fortress.

The bottles, I found strewn alongside the rocky stairway, littered by nameless pedestrians.

  • Number of Bottles Recycled: 11

  • Flights Climbed / Floors Cleared: 127.

  • Miles Conquered: 17.1

Day 2: New Objective: Since the bottle supply had been sorted at the hands of Yours Truly the previous day, today’s mission focus was caps. Yes, caps. Bottle Caps.

Same premise as before: The number of ascents I must make for the day, determined solely by the arbitrary number laying about the path.

  • Number of Caps Recycled: 23

  • Flights Climbed / Floors Cleared: 203.

  • Miles Conquered: 12.7

I disposed of the plastics in a proper rubbish bin inside the fortress walls.

PSA: Please be responsible for your trash. Carelessness only increases my powers. If you’re a litterbug, people like me may become hulkingly brawny and invade your fortress through the enduring powers of will, alchemy, sweat and grit (and a small dose of compulsion).

PS PSA: I may continue to make and post garbage pilgrimages instead of pretty landscapes, historical monuments and architecture.

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