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These are awesome noise cancelling headphones.  On a plane or other enclosed space they have helped us to block out some of the stressors of travel. In certain situations they are worth their weight in gold. They have built in microphones and can be used for video conferencing. Click the link here if you are interested in purchasing them.


30 X OPTICAL ZOOM Leica Lens

We prefer to travel light, and do not carry large DSLR cameras.  There are times when we need something more than a phone, and the Lumix ZS 80 has something few compact cameras possess - a ridiculous level of zoom for a camera of this size.  Sam often uses it to take pictures of skittish cats she can observe from a distance that doesn't scare them away.  It is a great compromise between weight and performance at only .72 pounds.  Click here to learn more or purchase this camera.  


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