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The Hidden Gardens of Belgrade - Monks Bar

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

71 KNJEGINJE ZORKE, 11104, Belgrade (Vracar)

If you are beginning to notice a theme, it is by no accident many of the establishments we frequent feature cats living on site. Monk's bar is is no exception. Please allow me to introduce Bubi, Lord and Master of Monk's Bar. I'm fairly certain he is the owner and operator of the bar, and clearly is in charge of his kingdom. He basks in the withering July heat while passing the harshest of judgements upon all he surveils.

His Lordship - Bubi

Monk's is the sort of bar we find ourselves drawn to. Fairy lights at night, ambient music at a volume one can speak with their company without screaming. Relaxed atmosphere, although we were there as the sun set on a Sunday evening, I can't speak to what the crowd might be like on a Friday or Saturday night, it is, however fairly well off the beaten path from the common hotspots of the Splavs, Riverfront, Knez Mihailova and Skadarlija streets.

The waiter made it his business to pay his fealty to Bubi upon each passing, being sure to honor his majesty with a boop or head pets each time he passed his lordship. At one point a few ladies attempted to take up residence on the steps and pillows near Bubi, while not giving him their full attention. His butler quickly shooed them away, explaining that the pillows were for the cat, not customers.

Bubi and Sam - Cat

Bubi did allow Samantha to pet him for a while without any biting or scratches. He must have recognized her as a kindred spirit. The steps seemed to only be for humans to pay their respect, not for lazing about and annoying his majesty.

As with most places in Beograd, the drink prices were reasonable.. The waitstaff spoke English, and I joked that Samantha seemed to have liked Bubi more than she does me. It is a short walk from the Nikola Tesla Museum, making it a great place to while away some time before or after a tour there. The #2 tram has a nearby stop as well as many nearby bus routes.

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