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Little Bear Patisserie: Meeting the Vegan Culinary Alchemist

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I need to be a cat and live in Catherine Pikios’ patisserie— Little Bear Patisserie.

There is something immensely comforting, calming, reassuring, warm and wonderful about her presence and the energetic vibes she's fortified her mini vegan empire with.

The owner is a true sweet and savory patisserie alchemist—transforming the most ordinary and simplest of ingredients into delectable creations.

Little Bear has officially won a special place in my heart for all-time favorite vegan patisserie in Athens and Piraeus--so much so, I've made it a bit of a ritual to make my rounds there at least 2-3 times per week over my last month of residency in Piraeus!

The owner is incredibly kind, witty, wise, imaginative and generous, with a deep passion for her edible crafts. There is something indescribably charming about the shop, it’s hospitably warm and welcoming. An essence and aura of good magic wafts through the air when you walk in and the bell rings.

There is a flavor for any palate. I've ordered at least thirty items from the display cases so far, ranging from brownies, doughnuts, cake slices, homemade candy bars, cookies, assorted savory vegetable and cheese pies, mousses, et cetera... I'd like to think I'm a good candidate for a highly credible connoisseur with ample tasting experience!

Her veggie soup is outstanding and staggeringly perfect. The homemade hot chocolate is the absolute best I’ve ever tasted in all my years roaming this earth!

Little Bear is an impressive vegan haven with a resplendent ethos.

I give my unbridled, enthusiastic recommendation.

***** 10 / 5 stars! *****

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