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Eating vegan in Skopje, North Macedonia

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

For a capital city, the dining-out options are surprisingly limited in Skopje, but here's what I found with some good ol' boots-on-the ground research.

BistRaw Zdravo Zivo offers a wide array of raw vegan sweet treats and savory dishes for any palate. I've never been one for high expectations when it comes to raw food joints--the sort that empty your wallet for a plate of twigs and leaves, peel a banana for you, and charge you half a week's salary. This place surprised me. The prices were reasonable, and they had a flair for creativity in reimagining some common dishes--lasagne, pizza, spaghetti, stew, burgers... Their fare won't taste anything like your grandmother's recipes, and that's okay. Be prepared for voyaging into some uncharted territory, exploring the subtle twists and turns that give each dish a unique and memorable identity.


Vega is a smoothie, juice bar and health food store, offering shakes, salads, raw desserts, freshly ground peanut butter and more. I won't sugarcoat it – this place isn't exactly a penny-saver's paradise, but when you take that first sip, that initial bite, you'll understand that this is some of the best and freshest of what Skopje has to offer. It's a taste that lured me back again and again and again, as evidence by the photo grid gallery below.


Vegan 365 Kitchen is a closet-sized hole-in-the-wall family-run vegan fast food café serving a variety of dishes, from falafel to veggie burgers, sandwiches, wraps, muffins, pancakes, seasonal desserts, coffee and freshly squeezed juices. This establishment also provides oil-free options upon request. The restaurant is owned by long-time environmental and animal rights activists, with a motto of "Change your diet, change the world" mounted up for all to see, along with some wonderfully thought-provoking vegan artwork and infographics. Vegan 365 accepts donations for Skopje strays as well.

Scroll through the above slideshow photo gallery for a peek inside the Vegan 365.


Paradise Food is a vegetarian restaurant offering a wide range vegan versions of different cuisines--Oriental, Middle Eastern, Western and European dishes as well as cakes, bars and pies. They also serve hummus in small glass jars to-go which is a huge selling point for me!


The edifice of Taco's Jam.

Taco's Jam employs some wonderfully friendly staff who are extraordinarily kind and enthusiastic, helpful and accommodating. The food tastes authentic. The music is happening, and the flavors are wonderful. Oh, and let us not forget the pitchers of sangria which abound!

Sangria pitcher.

Vegan Santa Fe Burrito.
Vegan Santa Fe Burrito from Taco's Jam.

Vegan tacos from Taco's Jam in Skopje.
Vegan tacos from Taco's Jam in Skopje.

Vegan rice side dish at Taco's Jam in Skopje.
Vegan rice side dish at Taco's Jam.


Thai Box. The food here is okay. It's not spectacular, impressively flavorful or wow-inspiring, but if you're craving something Asian-adjacent, and fairly oily, pop by for a bite.


Vero--short for Veropoulo--is a major grocery chain in Skopje. If you'd prefer to cook a meal at home,

Homemade meal cooked from ingredients from Vero in Skopje, Macedonia.
A simple homemade rice, bean and vegetable dish from ingredients found at Vero.

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