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A Montenegrin Sunset

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I thought I might share my sunset.

There is life all around, glorious in its magnificent chaos.

A grandfather has returned home from fishing, kids run and greet him.

I marvel at the ancient nature of everything here. Terracotta roofs beside the domes of orthodox churches. The winding streets inside the walls of the old town are made of stone polished slick from a millennia of use.

The sun is slowly going down somewhere beyond my field of view. The gently lapping waves are sublime shades of copper and gold. The riotous motion of a Van Gough come to life.

The shadow is creeping up to the top of the fortress, soon the lights of man will be the only illumination.

A massive yacht drags its anchor from the depths, the clanking reverberating throughout the bay, yet it is so quiet here compared to the cacophony of Beograd.

A tiny hummingbird tried to steal a sip of water from my bottle. I mistook it for an insect initially, it took a moment to register the creature as it disappeared behind me in search of something more sweet.

The temperature is beginning to drop and the breeze gently blows across the water. The shadow has completely enveloped the mountain.

It’s 7pm and the church bells of old town are banging on across the bay and bouncing off the mountains.

The lights of the marina are the first to shine in the twilight this evening. Their glow is thankfully tungsten, the shade of gaslights, candles, and serenity.

I can now hear men shouting from somewhere, it sounds like football (soccer) chants, emanating from a tavern somewhere near the water.

The warm lights now flicker across the once dark water, dancing ever so slowly the lights up the mountain begin to come alive. A group of teenagers rode by on their bikes, singing, since this is the land where they still let the children play. A skinny white and grey cat has taken up residence on the terrace, demanding pets while standing on my foot and judging me harshly that I was not quick enough for her liking.

The darkness is complete, the sun is gone, yet still there is the light we choose to create.

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